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<p class="p1"> It's time for a nonfiction feast. Peer into the lives and minds of genteel doomsayers, autistic&nbsp;activists, currency rebels and audacious climate engineers. Follow spelling reformers, misunderstood criminals, Egyptian revolutionaries, pro-GMO environmentalists, neuroscientists, and, of course, the&nbsp;Illinois man whose left hand was sewn onto his right wrist. This collection is comprised of fifteen stories from&nbsp;<i>Wired</i>,&nbsp;<i>Nature</i>,&nbsp;<i>The Atavist</i>, the author&rsquo;s books and more. Go ahead, dig in.&nbsp;&nbsp;(230 pages. ~ 5.5h reading.)</p>
Published August 13, 2013

The Traitor

<p>For ages, money has meant little metal disks and rectangular slips of paper. Yet the usefulness of physical money&mdash;to say nothing of its value&mdash;is coming under fire as never before. Intrigued by the distinct possibility that cash will soon disappear, author and&nbsp;<em>Wired</em>&nbsp;contributing editor David Wolman sets out to investigate&nbsp;the future of money&hellip;and how it will affect your wallet.</p>